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**No Recovery, No Fee**

Is your insurance claim being denied or underpaid?

That’s not fair after you have faithfully paid your premiums for years.

Now is when your insurance is supposed to help you, not rip you off.


About Us

If you are like most people you just want your claim to be paid fairly.  

Insurance companies often employ tactics to reject or undervalue claims for property damage.

  • Denial of claims
  • Underpayment for damages
  • Explanations that sound logical but aren’t
  • Slow processing to wear you down and make you quit
  • Taking advantage of the fact that most people never read their insurance contract

The professionals at Nelson PA fight the insurance company for you to make sure your claim is paid fairly.

If you need help now or would like to know more, please reach out for a free consultation.

Certified Team

Our experienced Public Adjusters are licensed in many states to we can help you wherever the damage occurs.

Trusted Company

Integrity, accuracy, and doing what’s right are our core values and we stand by them.

Hurricane/Wind Claims

Hurricane/windstorm claims involve three key steps: assessing and documenting the property damage, reviewing coverage, and settling the claim. These steps help individuals or businesses recover financial losses caused by such natural disasters through their insurance policies.

Water/Freeze Claims

Dealing with water and freeze claims can be a stressful experience, but our team is here to make the process as smooth as possible. We specialize in assessing, estimating, and documenting the damage caused by water and freeze-related incidents.

Fire/Smoke Claims

Fire/smoke claims are some of the most devastating cases we work with. The process includes assessing the damage, reviewing policy coverage, and reaching a resolution where the insurance company fairly compensates you for repair or replacement costs.

Flood Claims

Flood claims provide financial assistance for damage caused by rising water.  Flood policies differ from normal property policies so experience is important.  We are well prepared to support you in recovering from water-related losses.

Business Interruption Claims

Business Interruption coverage applies to commercial businesses and is designed to cover lost income when the business experiences another covered type of loss such as from a Hurricane, Fire, Flood, etc.  Successfully navigating these claims requires both financial expertise and policy/coverage expertise  We  have the skill sets to get your business back on track when your business is interrupted due to a loss.


Free Policy Review!

We know most people never read their insurance policies.

We are policy and coverage experts.  We will gladly review your policy and let you know exactly where you stand.


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